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Sterling Silver Aurora Borealis Ring
Sterling Silver Aurora Borealis Ring
Sterling Silver Aurora Borealis Ring

Sterling Silver Aurora Borealis Ring

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In the winter some of us living in the far north may be able to see the Northern Lights, while the rest of us can call upon its power.

In 1621, a French scientist, Pierre Gassendi, saw the lights in the north and named them after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora. He added the word "Borealis" for the Roman god of the north wind, Boreas.

Although they look elegant and calm, aurorae are produced from millions of explosions of magnetic energy.

The Aurora Borealis is a portal of spiritual energies. When harnessed it can bring your awareness to all-new levels!

This Sterling Silver Aurora Borealis Ring is inspired by the ethereal glow of the Northern lights. An eye-catching ring that looks classically dainty under the sun or under the stars!

When turned at different angles, the crystal radiates beautiful, colorful auras, just like the Aurora Borealis; like the silent forest held captive under the brilliant light of the aurora, the tree branches hold the halo crystal in place.

The one size is adjustable to fit US ring sizes 5-9. Suitable for everyday wear.




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Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Stone: Crystal
Pendant Size: 12 mm
Ring Size: The one size is adjustable for US ring sizes 5-9 



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