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Onyx Buddha Head Scriptures Prayer Bracelet

Onyx Buddha Head Scriptures Prayer Bracelet

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►►► THIS HIGH VIBE BRACELET features authentic gemstone beads and made  carefully strung on a strong stretch cord for easy on & easy off wear. Designed for everyday use, you can wear it to your yoga class, at home or at the office as a reminder to pause, take a deep breath and connect to what's most important in life.

►►►  THE ENERGY  ◄◄◄
Gemstones work as filters and regulators. They don't give you something that you don't have, but help you tune in to the innate wisdom, love and strength that's already inside of you. In both ancient and modern times, healers and scientists alike are drawn to Quartz. It was used in early radios because of its ability to tune in to precise frequencies (which is the same reason healers and meditators value it). Quartz is also used in watches and clocks as the foundation of the most reliable time keeping technology available and on the outside of space shuttles as protection.

The following descriptions are also printed on your bracelet's tags for your convenience:

ONYX is considered to be a stone of inner strength. It promotes the mastering of personal energy. Work with this stone when severing ties to people, habits or situations that drain personal energy, releasing negative emotions, and achieving challenging goals.


Your bracelet will be constructed in the identical style pictured, but the bracelet pictured is just an example. Please understand that there will be variations in your bracelet as every batch of nature-made beads will vary in overall color tones and textures.

MADE TO ORDER—this item usually ships within a few days of receiving your order, but CAN take 1-2 weeks production time depending on the current demand and supply stock.  


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